Living in Columbia County is convenient.  There are many transportation options available in Columbia County, including short line rail service that connects goods to the Union Pacific main line as well as the Snake and Columbia River barge systems. U.S. Route 12 is a major eastwest highway running from the coast of Washington to the Midwest, passing directly through Columbia County and the Dayton. Nearby airports include Walla Walla Regional Airport (30 miles) and Tri-Cities Airport (Pasco, 60 miles).

Columbia County Public Transit serves the businesses and residents of Columbia County in several unique ways:

  • Weekday front door pick-up service with a simple phone call – great for after school drop offs or trips to the grocery store for those that don’t drive.
  • Weekday scheduled service to Walla Walla – especially helpful for college students who are commuting.
  • Weekday scheduled trips for healthcare appointments in Walla Walla.
  • Vanpools that take workers to the large employment centers in the area, such as Walla Walla Veterans Administration, Little Goose Dam, etc.
To learn more about relocating or starting a business in Columbia County, call 509-382-2577.

Housing Affordability Index:

The Housing Affordability Index measures the ability of a middle income family to carry the mortgage payments on a median price home. When the index is 100 there is a balance between the family’s ability to pay and the cost. Higher indexes indicate housing is more affordable. The most recent data for Columbia County lists our Housing Affordability Index at 216.2.