Columbia County has preseved its agrarian way of life while at the same time modernizing and diversifying its economy. The renewable energy industry is creating new jobs and opportunities tucked among the feritle fields; the Blue Mountain Station Food Processing Park offers entrepreneurial support to value-added food and beverage producers and is helping develop the local food system; and pulp is being processed in to pulp while this wheat straw pulp is being moldedĀ into recyclable food containers.

  • Columbia County has a civilian labor force of approximately 1800, with a labor force of 32,000 within a 30-mile radius, and 170,000 within a 70-mile radius.
  • Anecdotal information shows the agrarian background of Columbia County’s residents produces a highly productive and loyal workforce.
  • Walla Walla Community College, a nationally acclaimed training and education facility 30 minutes from Dayton, is a model in workforce training programs.
  • Dayton’s broadband providers make high-speed internet service available to both residential and business customers.

To learn more about relocating or starting a business in Columbia County, call 509-382-2577.